Gender Justice and Corporate Social Responsibility

A South African-German Conference – 11.-13. Dezember 2007 – Evangelische Akademie Arnoldsheim und Initiative Südliches Afrika (INISA)

Corporate Social Responsibility labels activities of companies which intend to improve social and ecological standards inside and outside of the corporate world. There is a huge lack of women in leadership positions in the international economic realm, chances of access to economic and educational resources are often restricted, and gender justice has just started to become an issue for CSR.

South Africa is a leading African country concerning CSR and gender justice. Voluntary and legal regulations help to improve the situation of women in the economic world. In Germany, the situation is different: CSR and gender justice activities are primarily voluntary.
In both countries, there still needs to be a strengthening of CSR activities concerning gender justice. What can be learned from each other and how can the situation be changed, internationally and bilaterally?

Presentations of the respective situations in South Africa and Germany, an exchange of ideas on how to move forward, especially in relation to education and on the role of churches are at the focus of this conference.

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