Are bloggers born evil?

Lovetolead has posted a new question: „A people born evil?“. Obviously such an answer is interesting for a blog like Nachhall-Texter, that deals with sustainability and PR issues. We discuss the Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) activities of companies and present the conferences of NGOs concerning issues like climate change or health. We present good PR campaigns and try to create the link between altruistic behaviour and profit-oriented thinking.
So we often do not ask ourselves „Are all people born evil?“ but „How to give people and companies the tools for nice behavior?“ People are not born evil, they just often behave in evil ways because they don’t know better.

One of the questions that is really occupying us is the following: are bloggers born evil? They put all their time into their blog and are sometimes really offended if their creative genius is used for marketing tools. So, Toshiba, beware!

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