2 thoughts on “The green Steve Jobs 2007 Keynote

  1. Kam heute als Email rein:

    Green my Apple Gossip
    News on the green grapevine reaches us that Steve Jobs met this week with a Social Responsibility Fund Investor to discuss Apple’s environment record. Details remain secret, but the very fact that our main man Steve sat down to a meeting shows that YOUR messages for a greener Apple are getting through.

    There’s nothing public yet from Apple so you need to keep up the pressure.

    But Dutch Apple Spokesperson Juriaan Bosman may also have been dropping a hint when he said:

    „We are sticking to our strategy, but we don’t rule out that at some moment our strategy will synchronise with what Greenpeace wants“
    (Bright Magazine, Feb/March 2007)

    Will Steve make some minor improvements just to try and keep up with HP and Dell, or amaze us and make Apple the green leader?

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