Konferenz „Blue Gold – No more water in Europe?“ von AEGEE Konstanz

Eine Einladung von AEGEE Konstanz:

You wake up…crawl out of your bed…walk through the hall…into the bathroom…under the shower – BUT there are just drops coming out of it? How far would you walk to get a shower? Not far?

Well, the next few years you don’t have to – at least not when you are living in a European country.

Water is present in our every day life. It has to. We need it.

You, as an average European, use 129 litres of water each day.

But the resources won’t last forever. All around the world – even in

Europe – we face water shortages.

AEGEE-Konstanz invites you to the conference

WATER- BLUE GOLD – Challenges to a sustainable future

January 12- 14, 2007, Konstanz (Germany)

We want you to discuss the issues of water shortage, water privatisation and sustainability. We want you to look for solutions from the perspective of citizens, companies and governments. Get active! Contribute to a better future! Apply now until November 30, 2006!


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